Thief dies while stealing live power lines in KSA

One dead and two injured in incident that sparked major fire and power outage in Riyadh on Saturday morning.

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One man has died and two others seriously injured after it appears they tried to steal live power cables from a power station in Riyadh on Saturday.

The incident sparked a fire and a power outage in the Olaya district in central Riyadh which prompted the city’s Civil Defense department to send nine fire trucks, seven rescue teams and several ambulances to the scene.

It appears the three men were trying to remove a cable from the power station by cutting through it. That seems to have triggered a disastrous chain of events in which at least one of the men died.

Copper power cables are prized for their value on the scrap metal market. Last September, Riyadh police arrested eight men they say were involved in at least 30 cases of copper cable theft from power stations around the capital. In June, another gang of 11 was arrested for a range of thefts which also included copper cables.


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