Altaaqa Global breaks ground on new headquarters

Facility in Dubai World Central will act as hub for global operations.

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Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power, the global provider of temporary power solutions, has broken ground at the site of its new headquarters at Dubai World Central.

Located on a 40,000 square meter plot of land, the facility will house the head office and serve as the hub for the company’s worldwide operations.

It includes a state-of-the-art asset monitoring & control center, a training center, an equipment servicing center and recreational areas.

The groundbreaking ceremony was led by Altaaqa Global chairman, Fahad Y. Zahid, and was attended by company executives, personnel and distinguished guests.

“Once completed, the headquarters will propel Altaaqa Global to the position of a global operator with its own resources to manage, maintain and service its assets in-house, shortly after its inception,” said Zahid.

“The facility will also give the company the means to control its global footprint from a single, central station. With a professional and passionate team, eager to serve and provide vital power on demand, we are enthusiastic about Altaaqa Global’s future, and our ability to expand into many countries where electricity is scarce and in high demand.”

As a further part of the groundbreaking festivities, there was a symbolic planting of a date palm tree by Fahad Y. Zahid.
Altaaqa Global was the product of Zahid Group’s decision to capitalize on the success of its 1.3 GW temporary power project business in Saudi Arabia, then called Altaaqa Alternative Solutions (Altaaqa Saudi).

After several fruitful years in the energy industry, Zahid Group created Altaaqa Global, in order to replicate the success of Altaaqa Saudi on an international scale.


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