Empower saves nearly 900,000 tons of CO2 in 2013

Saves thanks to energy efficient district cooling compared to traditional aircon.

Ahmad bin Shafar
Ahmad bin Shafar

Empower saved 891,607.5 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2013, or the equivalent of displacing up to 383,506 passenger cars off the roads.

The world’s largest district cooling services provider also saved 777 MW in power plant capacity or 2.64 billion kwH of consumption in 2013, when comparing the electricity consumption of its systems with that of traditional air-conditioning systems, the company said in a statement.

The savings by Empower’s network on power plant capacity has the potential to fuel a new power plant, as per existing capacity standards of electricity facilities in the region.

“Empower’s systems use about 50% less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems, while providing indispensable and reliable cooling services for thousands of residents in Dubai,” said H.E. Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

“As our systems use less electricity and therefore save on fossil fuels, our operations also result savings of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.”

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global energy related carbon emissions reached record levels in 2011, at 31.5 gigatons.

The IEA predicts that it is likely that global temperatures will rise by 3.6 to 5.3 degrees with the majority view that carbon emissions are the root cause of worldwide climate change.

Electricity consumption in buildings, in particular, is expected to rise by 70% in the next twenty years.

“As the members of the energy industry, it is our responsibility to operate and develop in a way that is responsible to the environment,” said Bin Shafar.

Empower’s carbon emissions savings portfolio is in line with the UAE’s long-term national initiative to build green economy.


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