SEC starts work on 'Green Duba' power plant

Project will produce 600MW from combination of solar and gas-fired power.

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Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has launched the construction of a 600MW Integrated Solar Combined-Cycle (ISCC) gas power plant project in the western Red Sea port of Duba, Saudi Arabia, according to a media report on Monday.

"This is an integrated project, which will integrate a parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) unit of about 50MW," said Ziad bin Mohammed Al-Shiha, CEO of SEC .

The project, dubbed 'Green Duba', is one of the world's largest projects of its kind and will be completed after three years, said the Arabic daily Al Madina.

Saudi Aramco, the government-owned oil producing company, will supply the gas for the plant, said Al-Shiha.

Al-Shiha did not mention the project cost but added it is part of the $32bn (120bn riyals) portfolio power projects undertaken by SEC .

"There are new projects worth between $5.3bn (20bn riyals) and $10.6bn (40bn riyals) involving power production, transmission and distribution to tackle the energy demand growth in the country, which is around 8% per year," he said.


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