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Ganesan Kathirvel, marketing manager, power industry, Endress + Hauser, on the company’s field instruments.

Ganesan Kathirvel,  Endress + Hauser
Ganesan Kathirvel, Endress + Hauser

Tell us about Endress + Hauser’s offering here in the Middle East
The utilities industry in Middle East has gone through a wave of technological advancements and improvements. We have seen large scale investments both in new facilities and development of existing infrastructure.

Endress+Hauser, with over two decades of presence in Middle East utilities market, offers a complete field instrumentation portfolio supporting various segments in the industry value chain. Our products ensure uninhibited flow of information from the field, enhancing plant availability, reliability and performance.

What is your latest innovation and why do companies here need it?
Endress+Hauser has always been a technology leader with best-in-class products and solutions to cater for critical and challenging applications in the utilities industry. Its research and development (R&D) in Europe has strived to keep up the market pace in terms of technology and innovation.

The number of patents and patent applications explains the technology superiority attached to us. Over the past years, the company has come out with a number of product innovations and two of them are listed below:

Efficiency of digital sensor technology: The Memosens pH sensor technology eliminates all of the problems encountered with conventional analogue measurement such as moisture ingress and corrosion by sending a digital signal between the sensor and the transmitter.

The inductive connection between the sensor and cable using a simple bayonet lock makes the Memosens sensor independent of all environmental factors. Thanks to the patented Memosens transmission technology, the problems of moisture ingress and corrosion are totally eliminated for the first time in pH measurement.

Asset Information Tool: As a global leader in measurement instrumentation and process automation, Endress+Hauser’s W@M – life cycle management provides a flexible and open information management concept. W@M Portal and W@M Enterprise assist to advance the data flow and to manage technical and operational information of the plant - completely, conveniently, and at any time or place.

The available information simplifies the planning for engineering, the procurement process, the safe installation of equipment, and is an efficient basis for real-time monitoring of the plant status.

Customers in the region are looking to implement the latest technologies in their plants for safe and reliable operation. Devices from Endress+Hauser offer the highest level of plant safety, real time information combined with life cycle management tools.

What factors are driving growth in the Middle East market?
The trend of population growth, industrial diversification and development have created an overall positive business sentiment driving growth.

What are the main challenges the business faces here?
Industry has gone through unprecedented changes due to global competition, regulatory changes and today’s economy. Industry needs to keep pace with market demand in the GCC which is growing rapidly in line with population growth. This means new investments in the latest technologies and work force to support this infrastructure.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for your company in this region?
Infrastructure developments in terms of desalination, water distribution, district cooling and treatment are the key sectors where we see the biggest opportunities and investments over the next years. Geographically, we have a special focus on the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Endress+Hauser will continue to invest in the region with our sales and support organisations in the Middle East. Today, we have a strong presence across GCC countries. Utilities being one of the focus areas for Endress+Hauser, we plan to invest further in the coming years both in terms of man power and infrastructure. We focus on a three-pronged strategy of innovation, commitment to core values, and investment in emerging markets.


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