Dow selected for desalination pilot project in UAE

US firm chosen by Degremont to work on energy efficient plant in Abu Dhabi.

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Dow Water and Process Solutions has been selected by Degremont of France to supply its advanced membrane solutions for a desalination plant in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with Masdar.

The project is in management of the pilot desalination program launched by Masdar to test and develop energy-efficient seawater desalination technologies that can be supplied by renewable energy sources.

The pilot will call for a full-scale facility to be operational by 2020, with the long-term objective to implement the best performing technologies in desalination plants across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The 18-month pilot project will cover all facets of the design, implementation, and maintenance of a pilot desalination unit.

The plant, potentially powered completely by renewable energy sources, will offer more energy efficiency than current desalination systems and will be suitable for the seawater and environmental conditions found throughout the UAE.

Degremont has chosen Dow Water and Process Solutions due to the unique and innovative technology of its energy efficient advanced DOW Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis membranes.

Remi Lantier, CEO of Degremont, said,: “We are excited to partner with Dow on the Renewable Energy Seawater Desalination Program. As a world leader in water treatment we take innovation to heart and Dow Water & Process Solutions consistently brings to market innovative reverse osmosis technologies.”

Technologies to be installed include DOW FILMTEC SEAMAXX, which can reduce energy consumption in desalination processes by up to 10%, compared to other Reverse Osmosis elements on the market, and DOW FILMTEC ECO elements, which offer unparalleled rejection and flow performance for industrial water needs whilst enabling up to 30% reduction in energy usage.

“Membrane technologies, like those found in DOW Ultrafiltration & DOW FILMTEC Reverse Osmosis elements, are far more energy efficient than the thermal processes currently used in most of the desalination plants throughout the UAE,” said Zakia Bahjou, MEA Regional Commercial Manager, Dow Water and Process Solutions.

“Dow is committed to bringing the latest water desalination technologies to the UAE, and is excited to be partnering with such companies as Masdar and Degremont to bring this project to life.”

With DOW Ultrafiltration and DOW FILMTEC Reverse Osmosis membrane technologies, Dow Water and Process Solutions will assist Degremont in demonstrating that solutions and technologies implemented in the pilot phase can decrease the energy consumption and increase the overall recovery of a sea water desalination system.



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