Chinese solar PV firm set for Dubai Silicon Oasis

Anti-reflective glass maker to open manufacturing and training plant.

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Chang Zhou Almaden, one of the world’s largest producers of photovoltaic anti-reflective coated glass, has signed a deal to open a new manufacturing and training plant within Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

The 15,000m2 plant will cost around $30mn (AED110mn) to develop and will be capable of producing up to 40,0000 photovoltaic panels a year.

It will specialise in producing super-thin, dual glass panels to suit the desert climate which can be used on residential buildings, car parking areas, rooftops and in solar farms.

The plant will be ready to open by the end of Q1 2015. The training centre element is aimed at raising awareness of green energy and sustainable solutions for the MENA region.

An agreement for the new plant was signed by Dr. Mohammad Alzarooni, CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, and Chang Zhou Almaden's chairman, Jinxi Lin, last month.

Dr. Alzarooni said: “We welcome Chang Zhou Almaden to the hi-tech park and look forward to a symbiotic partnership with the world’s largest producer of anti-reflective glass.

"The Middle East is rapidly gaining international attention as an emerging market for solar energy. This has led to high uptake for innovative technologies.

“Dubai offers an international platform with comprehensive regional reach, providing Almaden the perfect location to establish its regional manufacturing facility.”

Jinxi Lin added: “We are glad to make our entry into this region with our facility at Dubai Silicon Oasis. We are confident our operations will contribute to Dubai’s green vision and contribute to reducing the Emirate’s carbon footprint.”


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