Degremont to build $147mn desal plant in Abu Dhabi

French firm wins deal for water component of Mirfa IWPP.

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Degremont has been selected by Hyundai Engineering & Construction to build the reverse osmosis sea water desalination plant at the Mirfa Independent Water and Power Project (Mirfa IWPP) in Abu Dhabi.

The subsidiary of Suez Environment won the EUR 117mn ($147mn) contract for the design and construction of the facility which will have a daily capacity of 140,000 m3.

It will be equipped with SeaDaf filtration technology to pre-treat the water from the Arabian Gulf, which is turbid and rich in algae, with a double reverse osmosis treatment for its desalination.

In addition Degremont has been awarded a EUR 29mn ($36.5mn) contract for the plant’s operation and maintenance over a seven year period.

Located 160km west of Abu Dhabi, the Mirfa IWPP comprising the desalination plant will supply 240,000 m3/day of drinking water and 1,600 megawatts of electricity to respond to the region’s growing demand for drinking water and electricity.

The choice of reverse osmosis desalination appears to be a sustainable solution to the region’s challenges with regard to water stress and conserving resources.

The Mirfa IWPP was awarded to GDF Suez by Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA).

Degremont is also part of a joint venture with Oman's Al Ansari Trading Entreprise to design and operate a 18,000 m3/day capacity wastewater treatment plant in Muscat under a $62.9mn contract.


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