Degremont and Al Ansari to design wastewater plant

Joint venture to design and operate 18,000m3/day plant in Muscat.

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A joint venture of France's Degremont and Oman's Al Ansari Trading Entreprise has been chosen to design and operate a 18,000 m3 per day capacity wastewater treatment plant in Muscat.

The EUR 50mn ($62.9mn) contract, which is being shared equally between the parties, has a two-year term for the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Situated in Al-Amerat, a residential suburb of the capital city Muscat, the plant will use the UltraforTM membrane bio reactor process, which is appropriate for treating urban and industrial wastewater.

Following treatment, this technology produces an effluent that can meet the most stringent water standards and allows the effluents to be recycled and reused in the most sensitive environments, Degremont said in a statement.

The treated water in the Al-Amerat wastewater treatment plant will be used for irrigation.

Degremont, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, has been selected by Hyundai Engineering & Construction to build the reverse osmosis sea water desalination plant at the Mirfa Independent Water and Power Project (Mirfa IWPP) in Abu Dhabi.


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