Yingli's Middle East Move

Yingli Solar discusses the China-headquartered company's entrance

Evangelos  Lianos, executive director Middle East of Yingli Solar
Evangelos Lianos, executive director Middle East of Yingli Solar

Evangelos Lianos, executive director Middle East, Yingli Solar, discusses the China-headquartered company’s entrance into the regional solar market.

What service does Yingli Solar offer?
Yingli Green Energy is a a fully vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV) panel/module manufacturer, which also offers worldwide services - direct or through our partner network - for design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar farms.

Acting under the brand name Yingli Solar, the products and services are available through over 30 international offices, warehouses and service centers. Our total installed capacity is over 10 gigawatts. We are the world’s No.1 manufacturer.

Yingli has integrated several kinds of installations such as for small rooftops, but also up to tens of megawatt utility scale installation in farms, football stadium roofs, airports, carparks, train stations, on facades of buildings and in deserts.

Our solutions are utilised by most of the leading energy utilities worldwide. The largest one under development is in Algeria, which will have a capacity of at least 233MW.

We have sold our products and services in over 50 countries and are constantly entering into new markets. Our key markets are Europe, the Americas, Japan and Australia. but we are very dynamic in the Middle East and Africa where we are in talks with Governments, Developers and Independent Power Producers (IPP) in the region to deploy large-scale installations.

What presence has Yingli established in the Middle East?
While Yingli has been supplying its solutions to the Middle East for some time now, our permanent presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt will ensure a quicker response time to our local customers. It is our policy to establish offices and service centers in markets where we have installed sufficient volume.

What are the opportunities in this region?
The world’s attention is increasingly being focused on the entire Middle East as a growth area for solar. Huge levels of investment across the entire Middle East and Africa into renewable energy have created fantastic opportunities.

It seems that most of the projects will be medium-to-large scale utility Independent Power Projects (IPP) based on IPP/PPA model. However I do believe that with regulators establishing flexible policies we will see many small-mid size roof top installations for “one-to-one” direct feed-in or “one-to-multiple wheeling”.

Current circumstances are uniquely favourable for expanding solar power. Photovoltaic solar costs continue to fall, making it more attractive than oil or expensive imported gas.

Solar power these days is not a particularly complicated technology, and does not have the safety and political challenges of nuclear reactors or fossil fuel.

There is a wealth of operating experience from around the globe and investors who want to grab the opportunity.
Governments are setting consistent strategies, policies and pricing schemes for private and utility scale electricity producers.

That is a necessary step which will expedite the development of solar energy. Conditions have never been more favourable for the solar industry to boost the region’s energy supply, environment and economy.

What are Yingli’s plans for the region?
We see a lot of potential and a growing trust in the renewable energy space, especially solar power, in the region. Oil-rich countries have expressed interest and willingness to explore the area of renewables to reduce self-consumption and to sell their exploited hydrocarbon.

Non-oil rich countries understand the need for energy independence and cost effectiveness. We are here to share our experience and expertise, and partner with public and private firms in building green economies.

In the MEA region Yingli plans to supply its products to utilities, independent electricity producers, distributors, EPCs and other clients, along with its partners for services ranging from advisory and support on design, engineering, construction and maintenance of PV solar farms, but also supply of material to local mid-size PV panel producers.

As an alternative example to direct solar electricity, we are developing with our partners, desalination systems using PV systems. During the day, the sun’s radiation is used to produce electricity to run the desalination system. The water produced can be stored in large tanks and utilised when needed.

I am certain that the MEA region is emerging as THE hub for solar power and governments and private business people will push for much needed power produced quickly, easily, affordably and sustainably by our photovoltaic solar energy solutions.


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