NWC begins huge water storage project in Riyadh

Phase 1 of $480mn project to provide 600,000 cubic metres of capacity


The National Water Company (NWC) has revealed the first and largest phase of its 4.6mn cubic metre capacity project in Riyadh, which has a total cost of SAR 1.8bn ($479.8mn), has been implemented.

Currently the NWC, the biggest water supplier in Saudi Arabia, is completing the initial stages of the first phase of the project in western Riyadh which will provide 600,000 cubic metres of storage capacity at a cost of SAR 250mn ($66.6mn).

The work will come on-line gradually, and is expected to reach maximum capacity by summer 2015, serving the west Riyadh neighborhoods of Laban, Aeryjae and Tuwaiq.

NWC has now finalised contracts for the remaining first-phase of the strategic water storage project, providing an additional 4mn m3 at a cost of approximately SAR 1.6bn ($426.4mn).

These projects are designed to answer any shortfall in the water supply caused by maintenance procedures, production problems or network failure, as part of NWC's secure supply strategy.

Work has already begun in four locations in Riyadh, and is scheduled to be completed in 18 months.

The second phase of the NWC's strategy to build a sustainable and secure water supply for Riyadh will entail developing further storage capacity of 6mn m3 at a cost of SAR 2.6bn ($693mn).

The strategic storage project includes the construction of main transmission lines with diameters of 300mm to 2,000mm, and the provision of operational water tanks with capacities of 5,000 and 50,000 cubic metres, costing more than SAR3 bn ($799mn).


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