Saudi to build solar plants in five regions

KACARE to lead development of plants by the end of 2015, reports say.

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Saudi Arabia has announced it will build solar power stations in five regions by the end of 2015.

The solar power stations would be built by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE), based in Jeddah, where there are also plans to generate power from landfill, Saudi Gazette reported.

All the required approvals for the projects have been received, land has been allocated for the plants and KACARE will begin receiving bids for the construction of these stations.

Saudi Gazette quoted the source as saying: "KACARE has conducted detailed studies for the integration of renewable energy electricity generating power stations with SEC network to ensure the continuity of power supply, and the experiment will be applies to other cities as needed by SEC.”

KACARE is also working on a nuclear power plant that would be used to produce electricity.

Saudi Arabia announced last year it would establish 17 nuclear reactors worth more than $100 bn by 2030 to meet growing electricity demands.

Land already has been allocated for the solar power stations in Qaisomah (Eastern Province), Rafha (Northern Borders), Wadi Al Dawaser (Riyadh), Mahd Al Dahab (Madinah) and Sharourah (Najran), the Saudi Gazette said.


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