Jordan's CEGCO agrees union labour deal

Electricity Workers Union secures improved pay and benefits.

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Jordan’s Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) has signed a collective labour agreement (CLA) with the Electricity Workers Union.

Under the deal CEGCO has granted all employees a JOD 25 ($35.3) raise over the basic salary back-dated 1 January, 2014, according to a statement.

It has also set the living cost allowance at JOD 95 for all employees as of the same date and dedicated a total of 10 scholarships for the benefit of employees’ children.

CEGCO will also ensure that a maximum of JOD 160,000 is available by 1 January of every year in its employee Housing Fund, whereby the amount also accounts for the year’s pending loan repayments.

The Housing Fund Committee will be revising the Fund’s regulations and sharing its recommendations with the Board of Directors.

The provisions of the agreement are applicable to all CEGCO employees, including those with the highest salary grades.

Furthermore, CEGCO has consented to revisiting the feedback it has received with regards to its HR policy, and presenting it to the Board for review so that a speedy and suitable decision may be made on the proposed changes.

The two-year CLA will come into effect as of the date of its submission to the Ministry of Labour.

During this period, the Union commits to refraining from making any additional demands of CEGCO that may have financial impact.

“As outlined in the CLA, this step corresponds with both parties’ vested interest in maintaining a positive work environment founded on mutual understanding and respect,” the statement said.

Both CEGCO and the Union have expressed commitment to working together to ensure the Company’s continued development and serve the best interests of its employees.


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