Jordan shelves tender of renewable contracts

400 MW put on the back burner after grid financing effort falls flat.

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Jordan has scrapped plans for a procurement round to build four 100MW renewable energy power plants after failing to secure the finance needed to expand the national power grid to accommodate them.

In a statement on its website, the Energy Ministry confirmed that the round, which was open to both solar and wind projects, has been shelved.

"We could not secure the funds to expand the capacity of the national grid to absorb the load of these four projects," Energy Minister Mohammad Hamed said, told the Jordan Times.

"We were in talks with Gulf Cooperation Council states to allocate part of the $5 billion grant they decided to extend to Jordan for these projects but we did not get their approval."

He added that Gulf states had rejected a request to help fund the grid expansion this year.

Contracts already awarded for renewable energy projects will not be affected.

"The grid can absorb the loads of the plants for which we already reached deals," the minister said.

Just this week First Solar clinched the deal to build and operate the 52MW Shams Ma’an solar power project.


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