Acciona Agua wins $40mn New Cairo water contract

Four-year deal to maintain infrastructure to supply Nile water.

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Acciona Agua has won a $40mn deal to operate and maintain the infrastructure supplying River Nile sourced water to New Cairo.

Egypt’s Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater (CAPW) awarded the contract to the Spanish company which is working in consortium with International Consultants for Agency & Trade S.A.E (ICAT) Group, a statement said.

The project will capture water from the River Nile, transport it 40 kms, and treat it in a Potable Water Plant with a daily capacity of 500,000 cubic meters.

The system consists of two 2.6-meter diameter pipes, plus 3 pumping stations, with a capacity to pump 1 million cubic metres per day as far as the plant and onwards to reservoirs.

New Cairo is a new city built in 2000 as a satellite of Cairo around 30 kms east of Egypt's capital in what was previously desert. It is now home to international university campuses, and the city's estimated final population will be around three million.

This is the third large-scale contract for ACCIONA Agua in Egypt. The company was recently awarded a EUR 120 mn ($160mn) deal to extend the wastewater treatment plant at Gabal Al Asfar, on the outskirts of Cairo, making it the biggest deal of its type in Africa.

Other projects in Egypt are the 80,000 cubic metre wastewater treatment plant of Abnoub & el Fath and the 100,000 cubic metre one at Kattaneya.

It has also built 5 potable water stations - Almerya, Rod el Farag, Mostorod, North Helwan I and North Helwan II - with a total capacity of over 600,000 cubic metres an estimated population of 6.1 million. All these plants were constructed by ACCIONA Agua.


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