Jordan to tender Disi water project extension

Construction of pipeline to the north will start next year: official.

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Construction of a pipeline to carry water from the Disi Water Conveyance Project in Jordan to the north of the country will begin in the middle of next year.

The project’s tender will be floated early next year, The Jordan Times quoted a government official as saying.

Qualified bidders will be announced during the first quarter of next year and implementation of the project will commence by mid-2015, he added.

The pipeline will transfer 10 million cubic metres of water from the Zaatari Pumping Station in Mafraq Governorate to the northern governorates to address the water shortage in the region.

Turkish company GAMA built the Disi project which entailed construction of a 325km pipeline to transport 100 million cubic metres per year from the Disi aquifer in southern Jordan to the capital, Amman via several water stations.

The project, among others, will be financed under a EUR 30 mn loan agreement signed recently between the government and the German Development Bank, KfW.


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