Kuwait to sell shares in three major projects

Two power plants and waste recycling plants offered to the public.

Kuwait, News

Kuwait is to offer shares in three major projects to the public by the end of this year, it was announced on Tuesday.

A percentage of two energy ventures and a recycling project is up for grabs, according to Adel Al-Roumi, president of the Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB).

In comments published by Arabic daily Al-Anbaa and cited by Kuwait News Agency, Al-Roumi said the three projects will be a solar power station, North Al-Zour power plant (second phase), and the largest solid waste recycling plant in the Middle East.

The projects will be up for subscription by foreign entrepreneurs to a maximum of 40 percent, according to the partnership law of the public and private sectors, 50 percent for Kuwaiti nationals, and 10 percent for government bodies, KUNA reported.

The solar power plant, to be built in Al-Abdaliyah South Kuwait, which will also include gas and steam turbines, aims to produce 280 MW of power in total.

Al-Roumi was quoted as saying that the public subscription for these ventures will be in September.

The PTB is the technical arm of the Higher Development Projects Committee which decides whether a project in feasible or not.


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