Qatar launches PV solar panel plant

New company unveils production facility spanning the full value chain.

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A government backed Qatari firm has unveiled the first fully integrated PV solar panel development and manufacturing plant in the MENA region.

Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) combines research, technology development, manufacturing, and project development, spanning the entire value chain from raw materials to the end-user, according to a statement

Salim Abbassi, CEO of QSE, said: “This is a significant milestone for Qatar and proves that the region can be on the leading edge of an industry that will secure sustainable energy for future generations.”

QSE also announced agreements with Jermyn Capital to supply 150MW of solar power to the Japanese market and with Power Capital to supply 150MW to the Thailand market.

The company says it currently has production capacity of 300 MW at its Doha plant and plans to expand to 2.5 GW based on market conditions.

QSE is currently manufacturing patented innovative products specifically designed for sun-belt regions, it says.

To improve cost and efficiency QSE is collaborating with leading solar energy technology companies with specialization in ingot, wafer, cell, module, and deployment technologies.

In a statement, the company claims its products for emerging markets are designed to be “of equal or better quality, reliability and performance than products available to developed markets”.


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