Floods raise concerns over Jeddah sewage network

Local media quote fears that giant sewage lake 'could collapse'


The lack of an effective system to cope with Jeddah’s sewerage is again being highlighted as local residents claim that contaminated water is flowing from the ‘Musk Lake’ sewage reservoir towards residential areas.

The Saudi Gazette quoted local sources as saying that large amounts of water had appeared at the surface of a construction waste material pit in Al Asla Valley, despite authorities pumping out 45,000 cubic metres of water a day from Musk Lake to relieve pressure on its embankments.

The sources added that the water presence had been met by blocking the flow using bulldozers, which led to water filling the periphery of the pit.

As weather reports suggest that even more rain could fall in the Jeddah region, which has already suffered extensively from flooding in the last week or so, residents told the newspaper of their fears that the backup sewage lake could collapse at any moment.

Musk Lake has grown over the years as contractors have dumped untreated sewage there, causing local officials to add dams and levees at regular intervals to keep the lake from overflowing.


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