Mesia: Saudi Arabia's solar plans will go ahead

EXCLUSIVE: New organisations to assist in rollout of 40GW solar plan.

Fotuhi: Organisations besides K. A. Care will play a role in taking forward KSA's solar strategy.
Fotuhi: Organisations besides K. A. Care will play a role in taking forward KSA's solar strategy.

Saudi Arabia is on the verge of introducing reforms that could provide a huge boost to the solar power industry in the Middle East, according to industry association Mesia.

The Kingdom has ambitious plans to develop multiple solar energy projects though genuine progress has been slow to materialise.

New regulation will be vital to give the industry a push and Vahid Fotuhi, president of the Middle East Solar Industry Asociation (Mesia), believes some major new developments could be right around the corner.

“What is very important and what will become very evident in the weeks and months ahead is that it will no longer be just K.A.CARE running the show,” he told the Menasol 2014 conference in Dubai on Tuesday.

“There are other organisations, new organisations emerging which will also play a role in the implementation of solar in the Kingdom.

“So stay tuned, there’s some exciting things happening which will become clear in the months ahead which will facilitate the deployment of solar and which will become public knowledge in the near future.”

In an interview on the sidelines of the conference yesterday Fotuhi stressed the importance of a breakthrough in the huge Saudi power market to the future of solar in the region.

“The tipping point will be when Saudi Arabia finally wakes up and finally embraces solar and puts policies in place,” he said.

“Saudi Arabia will be a multi gigawatt market, it will be one of the largest markets in the world and when they finally put in place the framework and the regulations that enable solar to flow smoothly then you will see the market reach a different stage of development.”

He added: “Saudi is starting to find its feet. The pieces are falling into place and it’s become clear that K.A.CARE doesn’t have the resources or the bandwidth to carry out solar so you’ll see other entities come forward to actually execute the projects that the government has set out and these entities are currently being reformed.”


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