Rubbish means prizes for Dubai Municipality

Wins prize for methane flaring project at Al Qusais landfill.

DM plans to start tapping gas for energy in a later phase of the Al Qusais project.
DM plans to start tapping gas for energy in a later phase of the Al Qusais project.

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Dubai Municipality’s (DM) landfill gas project at Al Qusais landfill in Dubai was awarded the first prize in the environment category at the ninth edition of the Ideas Arabia International Conference, which was held this year at the Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

The Al Qusais landfill gas project, an initiative of DM’s waste management department in partnership with Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC, has been able to convert the 29-year-old landfill into a fully functional energy production facility.

The Al Qusais landfill gas project has been registered under the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol clean development mechanism project for the reduction of methane gas, a greenhouse gas that is 21 more times harmful than carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

In the first phase of the project, the extracted methane gas has been flared and revenue generation has been made possible in the form of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) which are credited by UNFCCC on a quarterly/half yearly basis as carbon credits on the quantity of gas flared.

The purpose of landfill gas flaring is to safely dispose of the flammable constituents (particularly methane) and to control odour nuisance, health risks and adverse environmental impacts. This project will protect public health, safety and the environment in Dubai.

A 1MW GE Jenbacher gas engine has been installed to power the flare plant from the electricity generated from the landfill gas, which means that the flare plants are self sustaining with no external power source to run the plant.

In the second stage of the project, Dubai Municipality plans to utilise the gas to generate electrical power of around 12MW or compressed natural gas, and leading companies specialised in this field have already been intimated to carry out feasibility studies and submit their proposals for optimum utilisation of the landfill gas.

Besides the environment category, Ideas Arabia, which honours organisations for innovative ideas in fields like technology, environment, productivity, etc., also awarded Dubai Municipality first prize in the categories of customer service, health and finance.


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