Nuclear gives $1.7bn boost to UAE companies

Nuclear procurement also driving higher standards, says regulator.

Al Hammadi says ENEC is creating a local nuclear supply chain.
Al Hammadi says ENEC is creating a local nuclear supply chain.

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Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has so far awarded $1.7 billion of business to UAE companies.

Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Quality Forum this week, Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of ENEC, said around 1000 companies have benefitted.

“We now have more than 1000 UAE companies involved in our program, having successfully secured contracts totaling more than US $1.7 billion for a range of products and services to support the construction of the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants,” he said.

“Through this, we have directly contributed to the development of the local economy and helped to facilitate the growth of industry here in Abu Dhabi.

Al Hammadi said that high quality standards in the nuclear sector are now enhancing quality and safety standards across the UAE.

“One of our most important objectives in establishing a nuclear energy program in the UAE was to support the growth of the UAE’s economy, and specifically to support the development of a local nuclear energy industry supply chain.”

Contracts with local companies have been awarded over the past two years through joint collaboration between the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), the entity responsible for the construction and operation of the UAE’s four nuclear energy plants, and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), ENEC’s Prime Contractor.

Companies that have benefitted locally include DESCON Engineering, Bin Asheer, National Marine Dredging Company, the Western Bainoona Group, Emirates Steel and Ducab.

“Many more opportunities lie ahead for UAE companies that are committed to instilling nuclear quality standards across their organization. Ours is a long term driven partnership and involves many different industrial sectors: from construction, to operations and maintenance,” added Al Hammadi.

“Many of our suppliers of non-nuclear grade materials are also suppliers to other industries. In order to contract for our program, we have worked with companies in the UAE to enhance their quality and safety policies and procedures to meet some of the highest standards in the world. This has clear benefits for companies across the UAE and will lead to improved quality and safety outcomes.”

ENEC also works with local companies to upgrade their systems to become ASME Nuclear Component certified companies, a key certification required to become nuclear-approved providers to the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program.

The UAE’s four nuclear energy plants are under construction at Barakah in the Western Region. The first plant is due to start operations in 2017.


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