Ventyx helps Iraq boost grid stability

ABB company to provide SCADA EMS software to electricity ministry.

View of a power plant in Iraq.
View of a power plant in Iraq.

Ventyx, an ABB company, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Electricity (MOE) in Iraq to provide energy management systems that will help improve grid stability in Iraq.

The agreement is part of an initiative to help build a modern and reliable electricity transmission system for Iraq.

The MOE is upgrading its existing regional control centres (RCCs) by replacing legacy systems with a solution that comprises Ventyx Network Manager SCADA EMS (supervisory control and data acquisition and energy management system) software.

Once upgraded, control centres in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Basra will gain a better view of the grid’s condition, enabling rapid detection and correction of faults. Greater visibility will allow operators to reduce congestion, improve availability and reroute power as needed.

The ministry will be able to schedule planned outages and monitor ‘tie points’ with surrounding nations so power resources can be optimally shared between countries.

Ventyx will also provide training, equipment maintenance and diagnostics services, as well as remote support services, to ensure the smooth running of the transmission network.

“Demand for electricity continues to expand, not just in urban areas, but across Iraq as the economy grows and Iraqi citizens experience increased standards of living,” said Adel Mahdi, adviser, Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. “A modern and reliable transmission system is a necessity to meet this demand.

“As we rehabilitate and expand the national grid, we rely on Ventyx advanced applications, expert training and support to help us manage the transmission network in a way that ensures that power is available, reliable and safe for all Iraqi people.”

Daryl Rolley, executive vice president, global sales, Ventyx, added: “This agreement builds on our company’s long-standing relationship with MOE, which is also implementing Ventyx software to help refurbish the electricity distribution system in Baghdad.

“Having access to reliable power is critical to the successful economic and social development of Iraq, and Ventyx is a committed partner in helping MOE achieve reliable power grid operations across the country, today and in the years to come.”


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