UK set to block new onshore wind farms

Conservatives reported to favour ban; offshore projects not affected.

Offshore farms are not under threat.
Offshore farms are not under threat.

The UK Conservative party is set to declare its support for a halt to construction of onshore wind farms.

The move would not stop projects that already have approval and offshore developments will not be affected. Abu Dhabi-based Masdar is an investor in London Array, the world's largest offshore wind farm.

Asked his party's position on onshore wind, Grant Shapps, chairman of the Conservative party, which dominates the UK’s current coalition government, told the Western Morning News: “The wind is moving in a clear direction here.”

Communities secretary Eric Pickles, who is a Conservative, has been a vocal critic of onshore turbines. He has reportedly said: “…They work better... in the sea... because it’s windier, so they don’t have to blight the landscape and upset everybody at the same time. The direction of wind travel is clear, without wanting to pre-empt our [2015 general election] manifesto.”

According to The Guardian newspaper, Prime Minister David Cameron is sympathetic to calls to halt onshore wind projects.

Wind farms have become deeply controversial in the UK. According to critics, they are unsightly, noisy and expensive, and are an inefficient way of generating power.

Supporters argue that wind farms are essential if the UK is to cut carbon commissions and do its bit to slow global warming.


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