Jordan to finish 12 'green' power projects by 2015

Jordan has plans for wind and solar, as well as nuclear.

Jordan has embraced the idea of low-carbon power.
Jordan has embraced the idea of low-carbon power.

Jordan’s Energy Minister has revealed that the country is aiming to have 12 renewable energy projects completed and connected to its electrical grid by 2015.

Mohammed Hamed made the announcement after the signing of two separately awarded contracts to build 10 megawatt (MW) solar projects in the southern region of the country, which brought the number targeted for 2015 to a dozen.

“The 12 projects are expected to be completed early 2015 and in mid-2015 they will be connected to the grid,” the minister told The Jordan Times.

The total cost of the 12 projects stands at $560mn and will generate 470 gigawatt (GW) hours per year and will create about 2,500 jobs, he added.

Hamed said the projects will significantly help cut the country’s rising energy bill, which is one of the main challenges facing state finances.

He added that the signing of the final two contracts ended the first phase of a three-stage project to increase the locally produced renewable energy input.

“Under the first round, we signed 12 agreements. We have two remaining rounds under which about eight renewable energy projects for power generation will be built,” the minister said.

The ministry is expected to select four companies by September, with each to build a 50MW renewable energy power plant.

In addition, the ministry said it is expected to select four other companies that will each build a 100MW renewable energy power plant.

Under the country’s energy strategy, electricity generated from renewable sources will represent about 10% of the energy mix by 2020.


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