Oman's PDO plans massive solar EOR development

New project is 100 times the size of current one.

Solar panels in operation.
Solar panels in operation.

Petroleum Development Oman will invest in a solar-powered enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project 100 times the size of its Amal development.

The project will reduce the consumption of natural gas in EOR projects and could help boost the cause of solar power in the region.

Speaking to Muscat Daily at the Oil and Gas West Asia (OGWA) exhibition and conference, managing director of PDO Raoul Restucci, said the company would target local involvement in the project at all levels.

“We are engaging government bodies, contractors and suppliers to ensure that we maximise the local supply chain in the solar EOR project,” he said.

“In the next tranche, we are targeting something around a 100-fold increase to what we have at the moment. We are working together with GlassPoint to establish the local supply chain for solar EOR and are working hard to ensure we can progress as fast as we can.”

GlassPoint currently runs a 7MW solar EOR project with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).


"Year-end performance results demonstrate that GlassPoint solar steam generators can deliver a reliable source of steam for thermal recovery projects, reducing natural gas used in heavy oil production,” said Daniel Palmer, GlassPoint vice president of sales.

“GlassPoint’s solar EOR project was delivered on time, on budget, with zero lost time injuries and continues to exceed contracted performance targets. The expertise and lessons learned from the pilot will enable us to rapidly scale and integrate future solar EOR projects in oilfields throughout Oman and the Gulf region.”


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