Thermal insulation to be mandatory in Saudi Arabia

Rules cover 23 cities and towns across Saudi Arabia.

AC units at work.
AC units at work.

Thermal insulation in buildings will soon be mandatory in 23 cities and towns across Saudi Arabia.

Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Prince Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz, said that the measures would be a pre-requisite while applying for electricity connections.

Municipalities and engineering consultants will coordinate with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to implement the policy. If any building fails to install insulation, it won’t be able to subscribe for power supply and the Municipality will also not approve permanent permission.

An exclusive integrated system will be developed between Municipalities and SEC to verify the installation, the ministry said.

Thermal insulation is a technology used to protect the buildings from excessive heat during peak summer time. It reduces the pace of heat transfer inside the building through the walls and roof and as a result, saves about 40% of energy in air-conditioning.

The decision will increase construction costs, but will reduce power consumption.

Air-conditioners account for about 70%of electricity consumption in Saudi Arabia, and with more than 1.5 million new homes needed to keep pace with population growth, domestic energy demand is anticipated to double by 2030, according to Saudi Electricity Company.


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