Cabling delivered to UAE nuclear plant

Ducab cables will be used for non-class 1E power and lighting.

A view of Barakah under construction.
A view of Barakah under construction.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced that the first consignment of locally-produced non-class 1E cable has been delivered to the UAE’s nuclear plants under construction in Barakah.

The cables have been manufactured and supplied by the Dubai Cable Company Ltd. (Ducab) and will be used for non-class 1E power and lighting in the four units at the Barakah nuclear site.

The cables have successfully passed the 60-year operating life qualification test. ENEC’s Equipment Qualification (EQ) team witnessed the final part of the eight-month long-term test, conducted in Kinectrics Inc. in Toronto, Canada, on 8 January 2014, to confirm that the different cable types meet ENEC’s stringent operational and safety requirements.

The first shipment of 324,000ft Non-Class 1E cables out of the total 16mn feet on order was delivered to ENEC on 31 January, as per the first release to manufacture (RTM). The cables will be used for Unit 1 at Barakah, the site of the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants, where construction work is underway.

A delegation of senior officials from Ducab visited the Barakah site on this occasion and was welcomed by Mohamed Al Hammadi, chief executive officer at ENEC. The Ducab delegation was headed by Eng. Jamal Al Dhaheri, chairman of Ducab.

“The delivery of the first consignment of Ducab cables is an important milestone in the development of our country’s first nuclear power plant and supports the UAE’s goal for economic diversification,” said Mohamed Al Hammadi, chief executive officer at ENEC.

“Nuclear energy will provide a safe, clean, reliable and efficient source of electricity that will help power the UAE’s rapid economic growth. We at ENEC are pleased to partner with Ducab, a UAE company that matches global standards as well as ENEC’s expectation for 60-year operating life cables meeting the highest quality and safety standards.”

“With its world-class nuclear energy project, ENEC has played a pivotal role in the UAE’s industrial development program,” said Hassan Omar, general manager - Technical & Quality, Ducab.

“Our dedicated team has been working diligently since 2011 to develop this range of premium and extended long-life cables made to American & NQA Standards. We are extremely grateful to ENEC for granting Ducab the opportunity to prove and elevate our capabilities.”

One of the largest manufacturers of power cables and copper products in the Middle East, Ducab is equally owned by the governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The company, which currently supplies power cables and accessories to customers in 40 countries across the world, was established in 1979 by the Dubai government as a joint venture with BICC Cables.

ENEC’s dedicated Industrial Development Team is working with KEPCO and various UAE companies to ensure that they meet the strict standards ENEC has set for suppliers looking to tender for the contract packages.


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