GlassPoint Solar expands presence in Kuwait

KOC veteran Hussain Shehab appointed as GlassPoint's country chairman.

Solar technology at work in Oman
Solar technology at work in Oman

GlassPoint Solar, a provider of solar technology to oil fields, has established a new office in Kuwait City and has appointed Abdul Hussain Shehab as country chairman.

Shehab was previously managing director and CEO of Al-Dorra Petroleum Services Company and prior to that served as the deputy managing director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) overseeing the West Kuwait Fields.

Shehab was with KOC for more than 30 years holding various management positions across reservoir development, drilling and production operations. Under his leadership, KOC initiated the first steam flood project to produce heavy oil at the Wafra Field in the Neutral Zone, which is shared with Saudi Arabia.

“Heavy oil production is an integral part of Kuwait’s 2020 and 2030 strategies, and full-field steam injection projects are currently under development, Shehab said. “Solar enhanced oil recovery, and in particular GlassPoint’s solution, can play a large part in helping the country achieve its production goals, while reducing fuel costs and dependence on natural gas imports.”

“GlassPoint offers the only solar steam technology with proven oilfield performance, withstanding high levels of dust and sandstorms common in the Gulf. I am proud to join GlassPoint in this rapidly growing venture and to bring this innovative thermal recovery solution to Kuwait,” Mr. Shehab added.

Thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR), or steam injection, is the leading method of producing heavy oil. In thermal EOR, high-pressure steam is injected into the reservoir, making the oil easier to pump to the surface

Planned thermal EOR projects in North Kuwait and the Neutral Zone will require burning significant amounts of costly fuel oil or imported natural gas to generate steam. Using solar instead to create heat and generate steam would remove this need and avoid pollution.

“As we’ve proven in Oman, solar steam is a viable alternative to natural gas for EOR. This is especially relevant to Kuwait because meeting Kuwait’s goals for heavy oil production will require burning more natural gas for EOR than Kuwait currently burns for power generation,” said Rod MacGregor, CEO of GlassPoint.

“Kuwait represents one of the largest market opportunities for solar powered oil production worldwide and Hussain’s experience with its national oil company and international partners will extend our leadership in the region.”


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