Alstom opens region's first Smart Grid centre

Centre to enable customers perform factory acceptance tests on site

The inaugurated of Alstom's smart grid facility in Dubai
The inaugurated of Alstom's smart grid facility in Dubai

Alstom has officially opened Middle East's first Smart Grid centre in Dubai. The centre will enable Alstom’s customers to locally develop and integrate software and perform factory acceptance tests on site.

The facility was inaugurated by Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer, DEWA’s managing director and CEO, and Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, President of Alstom Grid.

“The technology exists, our experts are here, and we have this wonderful platform. Our customers, including DEWA, have lots of ideas and a good vision. The turnout here is an indicator that the vision is about to translate to reality,” Poux-Guillaume told UME.

Customised training on all Smart Grid applications will also be provided, using simulated protected customer network data for case studies, ensuring to the most efficient implementation of new technologies as customers use Smart Grid solutions to monitor and manage their own networks.

“As Smart Grid technologies are integrated to existing infrastructure, customers in the region will benefit from the centre’s close links to Alstom’s state-of-the-art Smart Grid Centres in France and USA, using tools and processes with the latest technologies, and ongoing support from Alstom experts worldwide - in real-time,” he said.

Alstom hopes to be part of DEWA’s smart city vision. “We like to think that we are close partners to DEWA and that we are part of their plans. Our role is to propose, stimulate and then to implement,” he added.

The Middle East region faces increasing demand for electricity, grid reliability, stability, and lower environmental impact, and the introduction of digital equipment and software applications into existing infrastructures will help power generation and electrical utilities to interconnect existing assets and optimise network control, making the most of energy available and ultimately working towards a smarter Grid with a lower carbon footprint.


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