Serbian water firm looks for Middle East business

LAD Group sees openings in regional sector


A first-time exhibitor at The Big 5 show, which is currently taking place in Dubai, Serbian water specialist LAD Group is hoping to take advantage of the boom in the Middle Eastern water, wastewater and desalination sector.

"Our selling point is that we are able to deliver a complete solution to the client," said Petar Bjegovic, chief technology officer of LAD Group. "We buy equipment from recognised manufacturers like Toray, then assemble the solution, deliver it, carry out start-up operations, assist the client with training personnel, maintaining the unit and managing costs."

Primarily based in Europe, with extensive experience in the Balkans, LAD feels that its reverse osmosis (RO) desalination solution, in particular, has something to offer the local market."We have already worked on a lot of RO plants in our home centre of operations, and it's obvious that membranes are becoming more affordable, and the technology is maturing," added Bjegovic.

With regard to the Middle East market, it's clear that LAD has its strategic plan mapped out. "It's a completely new area for us, and while we have experience, we may not have exactly the right technical know-how for the major projects that are being built here in the Middle East," the LAD executive remarked. "So we planning to start with the smaller projects and build up our expertise that way."

So far, The Big 5 has proved to be a resounding success, with Bjegovic indicating that the firm has received a lot of interest in the various technical areas in which it operates.

“I'm delighted to say that despite the difficulties that are facing the construction industry, there are still plenty of contracts available in the water and wastewater industries,” he remarked. “We are aware that some of our competitors have suffered technical problems due to the water type here and the high temperatures, and so not everything has gone smoothly. That's the kind of challenge we have to face if we're going to be able to satisfy our future customers.”


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