The Expo Challenge

Dubai needs an additional 250,000MWh for Expo 2020

Ashish Saraf, Editor, Utilities Middle East
Ashish Saraf, Editor, Utilities Middle East

The World Expo 2020 bid announcement confirms Dubai’s position as an international hub for the region. With over 25 million visitors expected to descend on Dubai for the event, heavy investment in utilities seems inevitable. Our cover story this month focuses on ways in which Dewa is gearing up to power the Expo.

Production and distribution are crucial as humongous amount of water and electricity will be required to build the desired infrastructure. UME has also learnt that an ingenious plan of the organisers is to make the venue energy efficient.

For example the design and construction of the arena will incorporate such high levels of energy efficiency that the amount of energy required at the event is expected to reduce by a whopping 100,000 MwH. At least 50 per cent of the total power required at the expo will be generated by solar panels installed at the venue.

Indeed the region is beginning to indulge in the solar storm - governments are announcing targets, policies are being framed and the monies are being fed into the industry.

Forecasts are many and so are hurdles. Our guest columnist Kevin Connor writes about what is it that the industry and its promoters are missing out on in the race to set up enough PV and CSP plants in the region.

Our special report this month focuses on smart grids - a key aspect in linking the gap between escalating peaks and improving efficiencies. A recent Frost and Sullivan report says that the smart grid market worldwide is forecast to witness a growth rate of 26.6 per cent, reaching US $125bn by 2017. Unfortunately, the GCC isn’t part of this growth story, at least not as much as Europe, which is expected to be 75 per cent smart grid enabled by 2018.


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