Indian solar firm eyes Saudi market

Firm ranked as India's top solar EPC company by IHS Research

Bikesh Ogra, Saudi arabia, Solar, Sterling and Wilson, News

President of Indian EPC firm Sterling and Wilson, Bikesh Ogra, said in a recent interview with Eco-Business that his compnay is eyeing the solar market in Saudi Arabia.

Orga said that the Kingdom has 'tremendous potential as there are many possible applications of solar energy. It could be used in power generation, manufacturing, desalination, and in industrial applications'. The company is looking for both short-term and long-term opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

"Currently, the opportunity is to present and use solar energy as a cheap source of energy, to save on oil and fuel. For future or long-term opportunities, Saudi Arabia can become a leader in solar energy, with technical expertise and capabilities that it can export to other countries. Saudi Arabia can become an electricity-exporting nation, not just a place known for its oil reserves. This will give the country a strategic advantage in international politics," Orga was quoted as saying.

The company has been ranked the top solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company in India by the Hong Kong-based IHS Research, a market research firm.


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