Bahrain expats face bigger utility bills

Government subsidies have increased by 73 per cent in five years

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Expatriates in Bahrain might have to pay unsubsidised electricity and water bills if negotiations between legislators and the government pan out, local media reported.

Authorities have pledged Bahraini families will not be affected despite plans to redirect government funding. Bahraini government officials have agreed that a new subsidies system had to be drawn up to save funds.

Shaikh Khalid said the current subsidised rates do not differentiate between Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis, or households and companies.

"We are looking for common grounds on the issue considering current fares, which are subsidised, are benefiting everyone," Khalid was quoted as saying. "One thing has to be made clear that any change to the current system will not see Bahrainis affected, instead it will see them benefit."


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