Acciona Agua targets Middle East water sector

Spanish giant outlines regional project targets

Acciona Agua managing director Luis Castilla.
Acciona Agua managing director Luis Castilla.

Spain’s Acciona Agua is confident of winning its first major water deal in the Middle East as the company starts to gain traction in the local market.

“We’ve had a presence here for two years, and have been selected several times as a preferred bidder in several projects but due to the crisis and the rethinking of several plants, we haven’t signed anything yet,” Acciona Agua’s managing director, Luis Castilla, told

The company has a significant presence in other global markets, including Southern Europe, North and South America, and is working on giant desalination projects in Australia and the River Thames, in London.

But the Middle East still remains as an untapped opportunity. “We are bidding on Muharraq [Bahrain] STP at the moment, and we will see what we can do when the Ras Al Zour documents are released on December 5,” Castilla added.

“We’ve made a lot of effort to enter the Saudi market, and have been working hard to win the bid for the desalination plant at King Abdullah Economic City.”

As part of its expansion plans, Acciona Agua is also looking to establish strategic partners. “We don’t want to establish a global agreement in the area with one company,” continued Castilla. “What we would like to do is team up with specific partners for every occasion. We are new in the market and need to get a better idea of who’s who in the local sector.”

But Castilla is confident that opportunities will present themselves soon: "The past year has been very calm, but the opportunities are starting to come, little by little".


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