Abu Dhabi builds 41km-long sewer tunnel

The tunnel is one the world's the largest gravity-driven networks

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Abu Dhabi has constructed of a 41km main sewer tunnel, one of the largest and longest gravity-driven sewerage networks in the world, Gulf News reported.

The sewer is an intergral part of the city’s ambitious Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP), costing US$1.5bn, which is expected triple the capacity of its sewerage network.

The STEP features three key components: 41 kilometres of deep sewer pipes, 43 kilometres of smaller diameter link sewers, and a pumping station adjacent to the Al Wathba Independent Sewerage Treatment Plants, where the major sewer main ends.

“It is meant for the increased population by 2030; however if the population growth is slow, this system may be enough until 2040 or even beyond,” the officials of Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company ( ADSSC ) said.


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