Saudi Arabia discusses energy policy

The 3rd Annual Solar Arabia Summit began in Riyadh this week.

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The second day of the 3rd Annual Solar Arabia Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, began with a panel discussion featuring leading regional and international experts discussing the key aspects of the development and implementation of policies.

Moderated by ambassador Thomas Riley, Senior advisor, International Development, BrightSource Energy, the panel also focused on nurturing energy resource diversification.

Speaking on the recent developments and mandates released earlier this year, Robert Bradley, Senior Advisor, Directorate of Energy and Climate Change, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that 'we are at the threshold right now where Saudi Arabia is really showing how serious they are'.

Robert was joined by Adullah Al Shehri, governor, ECRA, Keisuke Sadamori, Director, Energy Markets and Security, International Energy Agency, Markus Leuenberger, business development director, ECN and Oskar Ziemellis, director cooperation, Gulf Research Centre.

Abdullah Al Shehri pointed out that in Saudi Arabia, one of their primary objectives is the reduction of energy consumption and increase of energy efficiency. To push this from the policy and framework perspective, they have formed the Saudi Energy Efficiency Committee. He also added that 'if we just switch the current inefficient window style air conditioning with more efficient models, our research shows that we can save up to 4GW of energy'.

Hartwig Westphalen, CEO of SunEnergy Europe said, "Of course, forming partnerships to incorporate local content is a key aspect of our business model as well. Not only does it prove to be more favourable when looking to do business with local companies, it is also more financially viable."


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