Solar energy powers Apple data centres

Apple to build 20MW solar farm in Nevada, USA.

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Apple, developer of iPads and iPhones, will be using solar energy to power a new data centre it’s building in Nevada, USA.

The company is building a solar farm able to produce around 20MW on 167 acres of land. Apple is working with state utility company, NV Energy, to build the farm.

Apple has done a similar thing in the state of North Carolina, where it has built two solar farms of around20MW in size.

According to an Apple statement, carried by Reuters: "All of Apple's data centers use 100 percent renewable energy, and we are on track to meet that goal in our new Reno data center using the latest in high-efficiency concentrating solar panels. This project will not only supply renewable energy for our data center but also provide clean energy to the local power grid, through a first-of-its-kind partnership with NV Energy.”

The centre in Nevada will be using mirrors that concentrate the sun’s rays onto the panels, increasing the amount of power that can be generated.


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