UAE nuclear body publishes radiation guidance

Document offers guidance on safe use of radiation sources.

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The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), the country’s nuclear regulatory body, recently published guidance on its website about the training needed to achieve radiation protection and the safe use of radiation sources.

The Director General of FANR, Dr William Travers, said that FANR has issued the guidance in response to many requests from its licence holders using radiation for medical and industrial purposes.

“Our regulations require that licensees ensure that those who work with radiation are adequately trained. We listened to our licensees and have issued this guidance to help them in this important area,” Dr Travers said.

The FANR training guidance is based upon guidance issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It is intended to be used by licensees who conduct a regulated activity using regulated materials for different purposes such as diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, industrial radiography, well-logging and gauges. By December 2012 FANR had issued over 532 such licences.

The guidance addresses the categories of persons to be trained and the requirements for education and training for each category. In addition, it gives an overview about the content of training process such as the duration of the training course and assessment procedure. The guidance will also assist those who provide training services in the UAE to structure their training courses based on this guidance.

“We expect that government and private training providers will be able to take advantage of this guidance to provide courses that meet the needs of the different industries to have a trained workforce”, Dr Travers said. “Having this guidance available is a step forward for the UAE in building the training infrastructure which will enhance radiation safety in the UAE”.


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