Dow launches four new FILMTEC elements

US giant showcases new technologies at IDA World Congress


Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) has announced the launch of four new DOW FILMTEC elements for seawater treatment at the IDA World Congress in Dubai, UAE.

Dow says the new 440i seawater elements offer high rejection, low energy requirements and exceptional flow rates. The SW30XHR-440 AND SW30XHR-440i have the highest seawater rejection in the company's FILMTEC range, enabling quality requirements to be met with single-pass seawater systems in most situations.

The firm's SW30XLE-440 and S30XLE-440i offer a combination of productivity, rejection and low operational cost. Dow claims that these are an ideal solution for two-pass seawater designs and high total dissolved solids (TDS) brackish water applications.

In addition, Dow's SW3OULE-440 and SW3OULE-440i have very high flow rates and a high rejection of sodium chloride and boron, which can lead to significant cost savings.

“As part of our corporate commitment to help solve the global water crisis, Dow Water & Process Solutions is continuing to invest in cutting-edge research and development creating solutions for industry, business and life in established and emerging industrialised areas,” said Ian Barbour, general manager of Dow Water & Process Solutions.

“All four seawater elements have an active membrane area of 440 square feet maximizing productivity and enabling accurate and predictable system design and operating flux. Utilization of the distinct iLEC™ (interlocking end caps) technology helps reduce system operating costs and the risk of o-ring leaks that can cause poor water quality.”


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