Safety system launched

Lootah BCGas unveils remote employee tracking device

Wolfgang Fritsche, project manager of the HiMoNN system.
Wolfgang Fritsche, project manager of the HiMoNN system.

The system, known as HiMoNN (Highly Mobile Network Node), is a secure broadband communications device that determines the position of a WLAN tag in relation to different access points around a work site.

Wolfgang Fritsche, head of internet competence centre and project manager of the HiMoNN Localisation System said: “The HiMoNN Localisation system involves tagging employees using radio frequency, which will enable tracing exact locations of people. It is  useful in monitoring movement of workers in a large worksite.”

He added: “The system can be deployed in any large project involving high manpower resources and mobility, such as construction, chemicals, utilities and public safety. There is high potential in the UAE for all these sectors.”

The system has been widely used in Europe and will be deployed in all of the construction sites and projects of Lootah BCGas.

“Besides for localisation purpose, the HiMoNN system can also be used as wireless broadband communication system,” said Fritsche. “This standardised network approach enables connecting other mobile end devices like laptops, WiFi phones or network cameras to the HiMoNN system, facilitating additional applications like data transfer, video surveillance or voice communication.”

“In the event of a worker getting trapped or any other untoward incident, the system enables faster and more efficient emergency response, as the victim can trigger alarms from his tag and communicate his exact location to enable him to receive help and attention,” Fritsche concluded.


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