MAN Diesel to supply Lebanon power projects

German firm set to provide 14 engines for two new power plants

The two new plants will add 272 MW of capacity to the Lebanese grid. (GETTY IMAGES)
The two new plants will add 272 MW of capacity to the Lebanese grid. (GETTY IMAGES)

Germany’s Man Diesel & Turbo has reported that it is set to supply 14 18V48/60 engines for two new power sites in Lebanon. The new plants, set to be built in Zouk and Jiyeh, are planned to produce electricity for the state-owned Electricite du Liban.

The new facilities have planned generation capacities of 194 MW and 78 MW, and there output is set to boost power supplies in a country currently suffering from regular power outages. The new plants are being built by a consortium of Burmeister & Wain, Scandinavian Contractor A/s (BWSC) and MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The contract for the consortium, valued at US $350 million, also includes kits for converting the engines to gas-fired operation – in preparation for the region’s stepping up of its gas infrastructure. MAN Diesel says that the plants will use the Diesel Combined Cycle product combination, where the waste heat from the engines is used to power a further steam turbine. This, the firm says, gives an electrical efficiency of over 48%.

“The two new power plants in Zouk and Jiyeh are an important first step in the efforts to reform Lebanon’s energy sector, efforts which are aimed at markedly improving the entire country’s power supply,” said the country’s Minister for Energy and Water, Gebran Bassil.

MAN Diesel & Turbo CEO, Dr Rene Umlauft, added: “There is a great need in Lebanon to expand energy production. This makes the country highly interesting for our Power Plants division.”

The two plants are scheduled to be handed over to Electricite du Liban and the Ministry for Energy and Water in 2014.



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