Five mins with ... Al Hassan Switchgear

Akos Naar of Al Hassan Switchgear discusses market conditions in Oman

Akos Naar, Al Hassan Switchgear,  general manager.
Akos Naar, Al Hassan Switchgear, general manager.

 What are your focuses in Oman’s utilities sector?
Our firm’s main focus is on the utility sector of Oman, supplying MV switchgears for the substations to the electricity companies. Currently we are supplying MV Switchgear for projects with well known electricity companies like Majan Electricity, Mazoon Electrictity, MEDC and RAECO.

How’s business?
As a matter of fact, energy consumption and demand is increasing in Oman and the demand for utilities shows an upward trend. These changes are prompting the companies to ramp up their resources to satisfy the market needs.

Are there particular challenges to operating in the Omani market?
The main challenge for us as a local manufacturer is competing with new competitors entering Oman after the downturn of business and recession which has affected UAE and Qatari markets.

What’s your strategy and outlook for the country over the near-future?
Driven by the dynamics of the market, we are constantly innovating to develop new products and services that cater to the existing nature of demands. It is safe to anticipate that, in the next 5 years, the demand for energy will drastically increase and a lot of investment will occur - especially for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.


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