TMW opens UAE office for desal and wastewater

Water firm says technology has key advantages over existing techniques

The firm says that its technology is energy efficient and maintenance free.
The firm says that its technology is energy efficient and maintenance free.

France-based water specialist TMW has announced that it is establishing a UAE office to introduce its desalination and wastewater treatment units to the region. The firm says that its technology “stands out” from other techniques – such as reverse osmosis and mechanical steam compression – through the way it reproduces the water cycle using low-temperature evaporation at atmospheric pressure.

TMW says that its MHD technology is energy-efficient and requires minimal maintenance, with the process itself creating 80% of the thermal energy required. It is constructed out of plastic, making it resistant to seawater corrosion and easy to clean.

“The product is mature, with proven reliability and performance. Our process isn’t limited to treating seawater – it can be applied to ANY type of industrial effluent from the moment it contains water,” said TMW-ME president, Thierry Satge.

The company says that it has installed and activated its equipment for a variety of clients throughout 2012.

“The UAE is an obvious location for us – it provides access to a potential market of 2 billion inhabitants; it has limited water resources that need to be protected by any means possible; it’s seeing genuine industrial development that Europe is largely unaware of; the region offers a favourable climate for entrepreneurs and innovation; it brings us closer to all of the neighbouring regions, from the Middle East to Asia,” added Satge.

“How could we stay away from one of the strongest new growth hubs in the world? We couldn’t hesitate: if you want to be active in a market, you need to have a presence there every day and be accessible to your customers, especially when they’re ready to put their trust in you regarding an innovative solution!” he concluded.



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