Passavant Roediger scores Iraq water deal

Drake & Scull subsidiary set to work on Kerbala plant

Dr Mazen Bachir, MD of Passavant Roediger.
Dr Mazen Bachir, MD of Passavant Roediger.

Drake & Scull subsidiary Passavant-Roediger, has announced a US $23.4m contract for a wastewater treatment plant in Kerbala, Iraq. The deal will see Passavant-Roediger design and build the sludge treatment system of the WWTP based on anaerobic sludge digestion, including energy recovery and generation from biogas.

The project was awarded by Al Hanan Contracting Company at the appointment of the Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities.

Speaking on the announcement, Dr. Mazen Bachir, managing director of Passavant Roediger said: “We are pleased to have been selected to contribute to the redevelopment of Iraq’s vital infrastructure.

“Our global experience and patented technology will allow the implementation of an optimal treatment process tailored to the sophisticated requirements of this high- scale project.

“Our modern digesters will guarantee energy saving operations and less consumption of chemical substance required for the treatment process while ensuring efficiency and long term profitability for the client.

“We are currently gearing up to mobilize on site shortly and we expect the project to be delivered in 2013,” he added.
The firm will install twelve sludge digesters, each with a capacity of 3,400m³ and all equipped with the propriety Passavant-Roediger Sequential Gas Lance Mixing System.

According to Passavant-Roediger, its patented anaerobic sludge digestion technology reduces sludge volumes and renders it harmless for safe discharge, while also allowing the recovery of energy from the organic matter it treats.

The process involved can generate up to 80% of the power requirements of a WWTP, the company claimed.



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