Chevron eyes US $20mn Qatar solar power tests

US giant appoints research manager at Qatar Science & Technology Park

Chevron is investing US $20 million in a five-year plann
Chevron is investing US $20 million in a five-year plann

By Martin Morris

Plans to test solar panels and energy-efficient lighting in Qatar will soon be put into action, Chevron has announced.

The company, which is investing $20m over five years in its Centre for Sustainable Energy Efficiency at Qatar Science & Technology Park, said it had appointed Mike Farshchi as research manager.

He will be responsible for working with local organisations to identify and deploy sustainable energy technologies specifically suited to Middle East conditions, the company said in a statement.

Its collaborative partnership with QSTP aims to spur the adoption of green technologies in Qatar, it added.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy Efficiency, which is expected to open in October 2010, aims to identify solar power, solar air conditioning and low-energy lighting technologies best suited for Qatar's climate.

Farshchi said: "Qatar's excellent education and research base, plus abundant sunshine, provide the opportunity to introduce green technologies that benefit this region."

Dr Tidu Maini, executive chairman of Qatar Science & Technology Park, added: "Creating a viable solar energy industry is an important goal for us in Qatar in order to meet the challenges of climate change facing our planet."



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