New smart product for local integrated utilities

Microsoft launches ground-breaking reference architecture

Microsoft's new architecture is designed to bring efficiencies to Middle Eastern utilities.
Microsoft's new architecture is designed to bring efficiencies to Middle Eastern utilities.

Microsoft has reacted to the increasing push towards smart technologies by releasing a new reference architecture especially designed to assist integrated utilities.

The US tech firm’s Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) addresses utilities’ technology integration ‘throughout the full scope of the smart energy ecosystem’.

“As utilities attempt to develop new projects that are funded by national smart grid stimulus programs, they will need sound, tested technologies that help them proceed,” said a Microsoft company statement.

“Using Microsoft and industry partners’ technologies, utilities will be able to implement solutions faster and more reliably than they could with solutions offered by competitors.”

A number of global solutions providers have already demonstrated their commitment to SERA, including Alstom Power.

“Alstom has established a long-term relationship with Microsoft in order to provide cost-efficient, scalable architectures for electrical producers like solar, hydro, wind, coal, steam or nuclear power plants,” said Laurent Demortier, senior vice president of Alstom Power’s Energy Management Business.

“This Microsoft reference architecture accelerates solution development to enable developers to provide enhanced, more cost-effective, secure and scalable solutions.”

In the Middle East, Fujairah F2 O&M Company – which will operate the Fujairah 2 IWPP on completion in 2010 – is already seeing the benefits of the SERA product.

“Developing a quality ALSPA Series DCS system for such a large and complex plant like ours is not that easy, and the Alstom team has responded to that great challenge in an exceptional manner,” said Soloman Premline Prince, production manager, Fujairah F2 O&M Company.


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