Eagle operates Middle East's largest MBR plant

Firm's eighth regional facility comes online

Eagle's new fully enclosed MBR plant in Dubai Sports City.
Eagle's new fully enclosed MBR plant in Dubai Sports City.

Dubai’s Eagle Electromechanical Company LLC has now begun commercial output at the largest operating membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plant in the Middle East in Dubai Sports City.

The plant has a capacity of 25,000 cubic metres a day, and is the eighth MBR facility designed, constructed and operated by Eagle in the region.

With the Dubai Sports City plant now online, Eagle’s MBR sewage plant capacity has now increased to 65,000 cubic metres a day. Using GE Water & Process Technologies’ ZeeWeed Ultrafiltration membranes, the facility’s operations are highly automated and ensure no odour emission and negligible environmental harm.

"The Dubai Sports City sewage treatment plant has positioned Eagle Electromechanical's wastewater operating capacity in the private sector to over 100,000 cubic metres a day in Dubai alone," said Mohammed Hijaz, Eagle's general manager.

Around 10% of the treated MBR water is also treated by a reverse osmosis (RO) system to generate potable quality water, with the rest being recycled to produce irrigation-quality water. New technologies mean that sludge from the plant is also minimised.

“Eagle has succeeded in this great challenge of building a large-capacity plant inside a closed building on a small footprint,” said Majd Hamdallah, head of operations at Eagle.

“Moreover, we are providing a high-quality product of irrigation- and potable-water grade, whilst meeting the best practice standards of odour control, visual impact and sludge treatment,” he added.


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