Dow, SWCC to jointly explore desalination R&D

Saudi Arabia's Saline Water Conversion Corp brings in Dow as partner

Dr. Ilham Kadri, Commercial Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions, EMEA, and General Manager, AMD, Middle East & Africa.
Dr. Ilham Kadri, Commercial Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions, EMEA, and General Manager, AMD, Middle East & Africa.

The Dow Chemical Company and the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pursue Joint Development (JD) activities in desalination technologies.

As part of the MoU, Dow will partner with SWCC on initiatives to share local and global best practices and insights, while conducting research into desalination processes and technologies. SWCC is a Saudi government body responsible for desalinating sea water to augment the supply of potable water to coastal and inland cities in the Kingdom. It is the largest desalinated water producer in the world with 32 desalination plants that are responsible for 18% of the world’s desalinated water production.

A signing ceremony was held at the Saline Water Desalination Research Institute (SWDRI) in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in the presence of SWCC Governor Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim and other SWCC officials. The Dow delegation was represented by Jerome Peribere, Executive Vice President of The Dow Chemical Company and President and Chief Executive Officer, Dow Advanced Materials; Dr. Ilham Kadri, Commercial Director, Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), Europe, Middle East and Africa and General Manager, AMD, Middle East & Africa; and Zuhair Allawi, General Manager and Vice President of Dow Saudi Arabia Company.

“It’s a great honor for Dow to be selected as SWCC’s R&D partner and we are very conscious of the opportunity presented to our team,” said Peribere. “With an unmatched specialty portfolio of advanced materials we constantly aim at bringing customers differentiation and solving global challenges locally together. Dow is looking forward to the profound local and global insights from SWCC while also sharing our expertise garnered over 50 years of innovation and market leadership.”

“As Dow grows its presence in Saudi Arabia, we are partnering with leading entities such as SWCC in order to better understand the needs of this market and to deliver the right solutions at the right time,” said Dr. Kadri. “Our MoU with SWCC will present an excellent opportunity for joint R&D, an area that is particularly relevant in light of our plans to invest in a manufacturing facility in the Kingdom. Together, we will work on the membranes and the chemicals that Advanced Materials can offer, from Ultrafiltration to Reverse Osmosis to PAA to our Microbial offerings, with the aim of improving the efficiency of the desalination operations in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

DW&PS’ MoU with SWCC is the latest in a series of water-related initiatives that Dow has announced in the Kingdom. In 2009, Dow entered into a comprehensive R&D collaboration agreement with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), the region’s leading graduate-level research university, with an initial focus on water and water treatment technologies. More recently, in July 2011, Dow announced plans to invest in a best-in-class manufacturing facility for DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) elements in the Kingdom.



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