FANR launches radiation protection document

Regulation Guide for Radiation Safety available to material licensees

FANR releases guidance document aimed at radiation protection. (Getty Images)
FANR releases guidance document aimed at radiation protection. (Getty Images)

A new guidance document aimed at ensuring proper radiation protection in the UAE is ready for use by the licensees of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).
The Regulatory Guide for Radiation Safety (FANR-RG-007) assists the licensees who possess, use, manufacture, handle, store, transport or dispose of radiation sources and radiation generators. It also helps them understand and comply with FANR’s regulation on Basic Safety Standards for Facilities and Activities involving Ionising Radiation other than in Nuclear Facilities (FANR-REG-24).

Radioactive sources are used for many industrial and medical applications such as in the exploration for oil or diagnosis and treatment of cancer. FANR has so far received 620 applications from government and private entities to conduct a regulated activity, and has issued more than 440 licences.
The new document guides the licensees in areas varying from radiation protection of patients, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding to specialised training in radiation safety.

As with previous regulations and regulatory guides, FANR has already taken into consideration comments from government entities as well as the public, who have each been given 30 days to review the regulatory guide.
The Guide is available on FANR website FANR’s nuclear glossary explains the specific vocabulary used in this regulatory guide.


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